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Since The 70's

Taking you back to the 70’s retro classic ripple sole boots.  The ripple sole consists of a series of waves running from the front of the heel to
the tip of the toe. The ripple sole absorbs shock, stores energy and then aides in lifting the foot for the next step …perfect for those on their feet all day.

Rollers Black Ripple Sole Desert Boot is a legend in Australian footwear. The choice of hard living, hard-working, hard partying Aussies, its status was cemented by rock icon Bon Scott the front man of AC/DC. His statue in Fremantle, Western Australia still wears a pair.
Now the original Rollers Ripple Sole DB is back, in black, of course, and a choice of other colours so you can wear them anywhere and everywhere. The famous Rollers ripple sole is still hand stitched to the soft leather upper for comfort and durability.

The original ripple sole was invented, and patented, by an engineer named Nathan Hack in 1955. His idea was to reduce the severity of leg injuries to paratroopers when they landed by using the ripples to cushion the impact and improve traction. The distinctive look and functionality proved to be very popular.

The Rollers Ripple Sole DB was first made in Australia in the 80’s and was an instant success among the young rebels of the day. It became a symbol of individual expression for bikers, rockers and anyone who wanted to challenge the norm.

Putting The Rock Into Rollers

The original ripple sole was designed to make it easier to walk hence the tapered front. The depth and distance between ripples is the key. Rollers Ripple Sole uses the same principle but in a unique refined design which is engineered for maximum durability and comfort.

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Ripple Sole Boots


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